Contract Work

Manufacture of supply of quality mattresses on time.

Contracts work is the agreement of mattress manufacturing for commercial or public use.

Here at Life Care Mattresses, offer contract work services for a variety of needs. We work regularly with companies and public institutions across the country to deliver mattresses and associated products direct to our client.

While many of our clients are high-end hotel chains, department stores or sofa manufacturers, we also work with public institutions to provide comfortable sleeping conditions to those in educational environments or government houses; the Canadian government is one of our clients.


All of our contract work is carried out to the highest regulatory standards to ensure our products meet standards for use in any environment. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards against fire prevention, ensuring our mattresses are fire retardant. Mattress manufacture can be carried out to fit the needs of your business. If you would like to agree a contract with Life Care Mattresses, please contact us to begin the process. We will speak with you directly to go through your requirements and make sure that we can meet them. Simple and stress-free contract work from Life Care Mattresses, Canada’s most comfortable mattress.


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