About Us

Who we are

Life Care Mattresses, Canada’s most comfortable mattresses.

At Life Care Mattresses, we’re committed to giving you the best night’s sleep you can have.

We want our customers to enjoy comfort, durability and longevity for the foreseeable future. To hit our aim, we employ cutting-edge sleep technology and apply it to the many years that we, as a family business, have earned in the mattress construction industry. We also work with government houses, national hotel chains and sofa manufacturers. Our products can be found across the country.


Our Mission

Life Care Mattresses is dedicated to providing the very best materials in the industry. We’re a major Canadian mattress manufacturer and supply our luxury, orthopedic and Coil System mattresses to many major outlets and bed and mattress stores. As a family business, we put the pride in our name before all else. Each mattress that leaves the factory floor has gone through the same rigorous quality maintenance processes as the many thousands before it. Each is given guaranteed to provide our clients with years of deep sleep serenity while offering support to the body that keeps aches and pains at bay.

What Our Customers Say


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